eWave Stream Player

This utility must be first installed as described in step 2 of  the NVR Demo Instructions page. The program will be installed at your Start Menu\Programs\Cortex NVR-9000 Applications location.

Multiple sessions may be run at one time so you may repeat the steps below to select more than one camera at a time. If you have a multi site system you may run different sites concurrently. We have seen no limti on the number of open windows. It is a factor only of the bandwidth of the server the workstation and available workstation resources (RAM). In most cases no more than 2 or 3 windows are recommended

Enter the IP Address.
For this demo use:

Then mouse click Correct


Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.

Type : cecad in the username
Type : cecad in the password

Then mouse click OK

You must now click View on the menu, the dropdown menu will appear.

Size and quality defaults are
Half Size and Best Quality
These are fine for most viewing

Next select a camera or use a corresponding "F" key